Here I Stand

Here I Stand

Friday, November 5, 2010

Shooting in So-Cal

This week I enjoyed my first shooting experience since coming to southern California. Upon the recommendation of the proprietor of a local sporting goods and gun shop – Grant Boys – I drove out to Huntington Beach (not too far from Newport, where I call home) to the Firing Line. This indoor shooting range is small – which could be expected for both an indoor range, and one in Huntington Beach, but it was not crowded, and had a nice atmosphere to it. Like every range I have been to, you signed a liability waiver before shooting, but this was in no way a hassle as some ranges tend to make it. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable without trying to get into a pissing contest with customers over gun knowledge or tactics – again, as some ranges tend to do.

Firing Line - Huntington Beach, Ca

There is, of course, the standard set of indoor range rules that anyone who has shot before knows about – no presenting from the holster, no “rapid fire” (meaning, as usual, no more than one round fired per second) double taps, etc. But no one seemed to take exception when I shot some defensive drills, Mozambque drills, and did quick reloads... basically getting some training besides basic fundamentals out of my range time.

The price for basic range fees was fairly steep at $18, but guests shoot on the same lane for $9, which isn't bad, and the annual membership deal is pretty good. $150 annual fee gets you unlimited range time, as well we 10% off their already cheap (but reloaded) ammo, and it is a family membership. With their initial range fees, this would more than pay for itself, even if you only shoot once a month.

The pro shop had a good deal of handguns in their rental program ($10 a gun, plus ammo prices, but free for members... another plus for membership) if there is something you have been itching to shoot before you buy, and a good selection of targets – everything from standard bullseyes to military style silhouettes and even zombie targets (ya know, for training purposes)

I shot for about an hour, with my .40 cal and my .45, with ammo and targets purchased on site, and dropped about $55 total. Overall, a bit on the pricey side, but a good experience. If I plan on shooting even semi-regularly, then I'll put out for a membership, and cut those expenses by quite a bit – especially if I will be taking students to this range for one on one instruction and private classes.

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  1. I find square ranges to be a bit on the boring side, and only use them to train people on the basics of marksmanship. Beyond that, you'd be better off trying to get in good with one of the nearby tactics schools.